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Stellenbosch Treasure Hunt

Thank you for joining the Stellenbosch Treasure Hunt.

Once you have registered you will find 3 clues to interesting landmarks situated around Stellenbosch. At one of these, you find an additional QR code that will give you more clues to unlock more treasures.

Remember to share your pics #warmhartstellenbosch #proudlystellenbosch #stellenboschonfoot

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    A fun and different way to see Stellenbosch! Do a self-guided treasure hunt and stand a chance to win lekker spot prizes. The hunt will lead you through the oak-lined streets of the enriched little town of Stellenbosch. While solving the clues that will lead you to the treasure be sure to take in and (re)discover what the “Eikestad” has to offer.

    Pause your treasure hunt, and browse the shops along the way or pop into one of the many coffee shops, casual eateries, or cool restaurants for a meal or drink.  You can start your adventure at any time and explore at your own pace.

    How it works:

    In order to complete the treasure hunt, you will need two QR codes and eight clues. The first code will take you to our registration webpage. Submit your details to get access to the first three clues. At one of the stops, you will get another QR code that will give you an additional 5 clues to complete the hunt.

    Clues are in no particular order, so you will have to take some time to plan your route.

    The Rules (only two):

    1. Share your pics and selfies on social media and tag us and use the hashtags #ProudlyStellenbosch & #WarmHeartStellenbosch and #StellenboschonFoot

    2. Enjoy yourself

    Happy Hunting!!!