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About Stellenbosch on Stage

Stellenbosch on Stage is not only a collaborative effort to keep Stellenbosch top of mind and unite in an effort to raise funds to support humanitarian aid, local businesses, suppliers, artists and producers… it’s an emotive reminder of the beautiful landscapes and warm hospitality; rolling vine-covered hills and of the oak trees; of bustling and vibrant town set against the historical buildings and stories going back more than three hundred years; it reminds of growth and opportunities; of young and old, local or visitor – all welcome in Stellenbosch.

About the concert

Stellenbosch on Stage presents the University of Stellenbosch Alumni Concert on Heritage Day, featuring Laurika Rauch, Sunday Kelechi, Stuart Taylor, Jan Braai, and the Stellenbosch University Choir.

Proudly Stellenbosch Wine

Stellenbosch on Stage wines – compiled to support local enter